Echolink/AllStar ON-LINE

Echolink and AllStar are back on-line on the 224.5800 repeater. While the computer was down for maintenance/repairs, I took the opportunity to swap out the link radios. My old ADI AR-247 is now the full time link radio. I also moved the link antenna to allow a better signal to/from the repeater. Check it out!

Echolink Node 297683 KD8BIW-R
AllStar Node 29912

New Radio

My trusty old ADI AR-247 mobile has seen better days. The display works when it feels like it, the internal speaker quite sometime ago, and now the external speaker jack is not working. It still works fine other than not being able to see the display, or listen the what is received (VERY minor details)!  It will be moved to link duties, and will replace the even older Kenwood TM-3530A that is now being used as the link radio for Echolink/Allstar. I just placed an order for a new Alinco DR-235 MKIII mobile to take it’s place.  Hopefully will be here before we leave for Nashville on the 14th so I can play some 220 on the way there!

Alinco's DR-235 MKIII Mobile
Alinco’s DR-235 MKIII Mobile

Echolink and AllStar back online

I’ve been having issues with the wireless bridge connecting the link computer to the internet. I finally moved the equipment to an area that would allow me to hard wire the computer to the switch.  As a result, I had to move the link antenna to a different location. Echolink and AllStar are now available. The quality of the link still needs to be checked, but at least it is on again.

Future plans involve obtaining internet at the repeater site and hard wiring the link computer directly to the repeater.  In the mean time, the link antenna may be moved to a more suitable location to improve the quality of the link.  Please let me know if there are any issues with it.   THANKS!