KD8BIW/R 224.580

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The KD8BIW 224.580 repeater is the first repeater of the network, and is located in Hayesville, Ohio along Route 30 (The Lincoln Highway). The repeater has been threw several upgrades during it’s life.


The 224.580 repeater was originally owned and operated by Stan KE8X of West Salem, Ohio.  Originally purchased in 1979, equipment consisted of a Spectrum Communication SCR1000 30 watt repeater, built-in controller, and Wacom WP-652 duplexers. A new MCC RC-100 controller was added later.  We received all original documentation, including the original screen shots from Wacom of the duplexer tuning results when we purchased it in 2008.



Phase II was a lengthy process, taking almost 2 years to complete in various stages. After purchasing the 224.580 repeater, we quickly realized that the performance of the original Spectrum Communications equipment was poor.  Contacting Spectrum had become a useless venture, as they closed soon after we purchased it, so factory service was out of the question.  Several attempts were made to fix and/or improve performance with no success.  It was decided that a rebuild was in order.  All the original equipment was removed with the exception of the newer RC-100 controller.  New Hamtronics boards were ordered and installed/wired to the controller. The original PA was moved installed into a custom enclosure and provided 25 watts.  Shortly after this, a Uniden power amplifier and matching power supply came available to us and it was purchased. At 28 volts it provided 120 watts with 2.5 watts of drive from the new exciter. The higher power combined with the extremly sensitive Hamtronics receiver resulted in quite a bit of desense.  Two addition duplexer cavities were obtained from Ken KC8BPE that were off a set of Wacom WP-652 duplexers he was not using at the time.  The additional 2 cavities eliminated the desense, and the repeater performed great.  A new Hustler G7-220 antenna was purchased and used as the repeater antenna, being mounted at 240 feet on the new repeater site in Widowville. Coverage was excellent, 30+ mils for portables, nearly 50 miles for mobiles and 70+ miles for fixed stations. Then came a Wireless Internet business to the site, and the noise floor raised so much, it decreased the range of the repeater by approx. 40%, sometimes more.  SO, a new home had to be found…



While a new site was being located, it was decided to completely rebuild the 224.580 repeater, as it had been pieced together over a few years and was not pleasing to my eyes.  Here is the new configuration of the repeater as seen below.  The receiver and exciter were reused, as they are new Hamtronic boards.  The controller was replaced with an ICS Linker IIa and the CTCSS board is now a TS-64 from Comm-Spec (update: the Linker IIa died for an unknown reason, and the company has apparently went out of business. The RC-100 was re-installed until another new controller can be purchased). New duplexers were purchased, tuned, and are working great! They are Wacom WP-747L3  and have 4 Bp/Br cavities, and 2 bandpass cavities (not pictured). The Uniden power amp and power supply were reused, and a Wacom dual stage isolator was installed on the output of the amplifier (also not pictured). I also reused the 44″ GE cabinet.  As you can see, the overall appearance of the system is a lot neater, and with the addition of the roll-out drawer the repeater is in, makes repairs a LOT easier!


Phase IV

Due to a lightning strike at the site (thru the AC mains), the controller and amplifier were placed/repaired. Now running a Raspberry Pi3 with Asterisk/app_rpt as the controller.


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224.580 Coverage Map

The repeater is located in Hayesville, Ohio along Route 30 (The Lincoln Highway) in central Ashland County. The antenna is side mounted on the village water tower.


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