Ohio 220 Group

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**NEWS & UPDATES** Echolink & Allstar are ONLINE! Dial in and give us a shout!

Allstar: Node 29912
Echolink: KD8BIW-R (node 297683)


The Ohio 220 Group was started as a small idea to have a name for a group of amateur radio operators who enjoyed the 1.25 Meter amateur radio band. It is slowly growing and covering more parts of the 1.25 Meter band than we imagined!

The group’s main focus is to promote use of the 222-225MHz portion of the radio spectrum. We do this be installing and maintaining repeaters, participating in contests, and working various forms of simplex on the band. This can range from FM simplex, to SSB dx’ing, to various digital modes.

The group is currently working on adding Echolink and/or AllStar capabilities to numerous 220 repeaters throughout Ohio. Our hope is to have a unique network of 220 repeaters that stretch across the great state of Ohio!

If your the owner/operator of a 220 repeater, please contact me, we would love to link up! Even if only part-time.

For more information and pictures of some of the repeaters, click on a link below:

KD8BIW/R  224.580


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