After 3 years, i’m finally working on getting a HF station set up in the ‘shack’ in anticipation of me *finally* getting upgraded! I’ve been procrastinating for quite awhile, and I think this year is the year I finally pull the trigger and get it done.

For now, my shack (used mainly for listening) is a Kenwood TS-570D and a 80M Windom antenna. The tower at the house was here when we purchased, however it is in bad condition and needs to come down. It is a typical TV type tower, and is free standing at 45 feet! It’s not safe in the least, so down it will come and be replaced with a new tower bracketed to the house. Planned height is 45′ to get above the roof line of the house. Final antennas…who knows?! I do like the windom, so that will stay. Perhaps a multi-band yagi of some sorts, and the usual assortment of VHF/UHF verticals for local FM work.

Dive into the website more for some pics of the shack as it progresses, the tower (and eventual replacement), and some other radio goodies!

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