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DMR Repeater Progress

Not a lot of progress has been made on the new DMR repeater, but progress is progress, right?!

The cabinet is repurposed from an old GE MASTR II receiver rack. It will house the MMDVM board, Raspberry Pi, in addition to the 12 and 5 volt power supplies. It is being designed and built as a low power (~5 watts) repeater in a nice portable (and rack mountable) package.   Keep checking for updates!

Repeater Update

Repairs to the repeater are 95% complete, I only have a few small finishing touches to wrap up, and it will be complete.

The receiver and exciter have been repaired and are working fine. The controller was replaced with a Raspberry Pi running app_rpt Dial distribution, and DMK Engineering URI interface. The new controller has many features a top of the line controller has (such as an SCOM 7330), but only costs $100 dollars, including the interface. Some of the features include:

  • Scheduler
  • Macros
  • Voice ID
  • Time Clock
  • Remote Base Capable

I am waiting on internet to be established at the site, but may install the repeater before that. With an internet connection, I will have full control over the repeater from anywhere I have internet access. Also, remote programming is possible with this configuration. The programming can be remotely backed-up on a USB thumb stick, which will be programmed to run automatically periodically.

Stay tuned for further updates.