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Repeater Update

Repairs to the repeater are 95% complete, I only have a few small finishing touches to wrap up, and it will be complete.

The receiver and exciter have been repaired and are working fine. The controller was replaced with a Raspberry Pi running app_rpt Dial distribution, and DMK Engineering URI interface. The new controller has many features a top of the line controller has (such as an SCOM 7330), but only costs $100 dollars, including the interface. Some of the features include:

  • Scheduler
  • Macros
  • Voice ID
  • Time Clock
  • Remote Base Capable

I am waiting on internet to be established at the site, but may install the repeater before that. With an internet connection, I will have full control over the repeater from anywhere I have internet access. Also, remote programming is possible with this configuration. The programming can be remotely backed-up on a USB thumb stick, which will be programmed to run automatically periodically.

Stay tuned for further updates.