Repeater Update – More damage!

Repairs were started a few weeks ago on the lightning damage to the repeater, and it is far more extensive then I had originally thought.  The lightning did come in on the AC mains, so measures are being implemented to prevent this in the future…

Overall, the only component that does not seem to be damaged is the old MCC RC-100 controller. Here is the damaged item list:

Receiver: blew the LM386 amp for the external speaker.
Exciter: shorted Q4 in the amplifier stage
TS64 CTCSS Board: unknown damage, no longer encodes tone
AP50 Audio Board: destroyed the reverse protection diode and filter capacitor on the power input lines
Power supplies: Both the 12V and 24V power supplies suffered damage

The exciter and receiver have been repaired, and are functioning correctly and well within specs. The AP50 audio board was also repaired, however I will not be putting this back into service, details below.

With the amount of damage done, I figured it’s time for an upgrade to the system. I’ve removed the controller, TS64, and AP50 and will be replacing them all with a Raspberry Pi based controller. Also, I am rebuilding the amplifier to run on 12V instead of 24V. This will make it less cost prohibitive to install a battery back-up, and also easier to maintain.

Parts have been ordered, and repairs will resume shortly. Stay tuned for further updates.



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