Update: Repairs started

Update: Finally got a chance to work on the repeater. Thankfully, the damage was minimal!  The lightning hit the receiver, CTCSS board, new audio board, and possibly damaged the EEPROM on the controller. The only component damaged on the receiver was the LM386 for the external speaker (which isn’t used anyway). The damaged part was removed and the area cleaned.

On the audio board, the lightning took out the reverse protection diode, and filter capacitor. Both of these items were removed, areas cleaned, and new component installed.

The CTCSS board appears to have no damage, but it no longer decodes or encodes tone. A replacement will be ordered.

As far as the controller goes, it still has the CWID on it, but does not respond to any DTMF commands. Even a force reset does not work. We will investigate further, and either repair the existing controller, or perhaps look for a replacement.

Stay tuned for updates!










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