Network Update

Call: Location: Tx Freq: CTCSS: Status:
KD8BIW Hayesville 224.5800 110.9Hz LINKED
N8BHU Kent 224.0200 141.3Hz ON AIR
WY8G Mt. Gilead 224.9400 71.9Hz ON AIR
KB8CSL Vandalia 224.7600 CSQ LINKED
WD8CHL Elyria 224.0400 141.3Hz TESTING
KD8BIW TBD TBD TBD Constructing

A quick update on the network. With the help of Sam W9SAM I found there is a group of hams in the Dayton, OH area that are also trying to get some 220 repeaters linked up.  So, for the time being, we will try connecting  our repeaters together.  For right now, it is a temporary link and may not always be on.  They are sometimes linked to the W9XV repeater in Indianapolis. It is a high profile 220 repeater.

I am still working with other local repeater owners to get some more links established. Hopefully we can start bringing them online and bring some more activity to the 220 band again!

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