DMR Repeater Progress

Not a lot of progress has been made on the new DMR repeater, but progress is progress, right?!

The cabinet is repurposed from an old GE MASTR II receiver rack. It will house the MMDVM board, Raspberry Pi, in addition to the 12 and 5 volt power supplies. It is being designed and built as a low power (~5 watts) repeater in a nice portable (and rack mountable) package.   Keep checking for updates!

Server Upgrades

Over the weekend, a few upgrades were completed on the server:

  • Removed old Xeon 5060 CPU and replaced with dual Xeon 5168 CPUs
  • Installed additional 16GB of RAM (total 32GB)
  • Installed additional 200GB of HDD space
  • Installed shelving for accessories
  • Reconfigured Minecraft and Webserver virtual machines

Still to come is replace main RAID drives with larger capacity drives and install dual 2TB storage drives (for media/storage server). All-in-all a productive weekend.