Lincoln Highway Link-Up (Final Update)

Special Event Call: N2S (New York 2 San Francisco)
Date:  August 9th, 2014
Time: 17:00 UTC (13:00 EST)

All connections should be made ~15 minutes before the start of the net!
AllStar – Node 2130
IRLP – Reflector 9665 (note the change)
Echolink – Node 83883

Net will start with a verification roll call. Will start at the East terminus in New York, and proceed west across Pennsylvania, Ohio, etc. until we reach the West Terminus in California.

When general check ins are being taken, you can provide a little history about your area, interesting sales and finds along the LH (NO LISTING OF ITEMS FOR SALE), or anything else you may have for the net.

There are other Special Event Station held during the weekend, some on HF. We will be checking in with those from time to time.



Lincoln Highway Link-Up Updates

Here are a few important updates regarding the Lincoln Highway Link-Up (LHLU). Be sure to check out the LHLU page for all the details!



Connections to the network will be broken into groups, based on RoIP technology used:
  • AllStar nodes connect to Node 2130
  • Echolink nodes connect to Node 83883
  • IRLP nodes connect to Reflector 3515

224.580 Repaired-Online

Well, thanks to my new radio, I thought something serious had gone wrong with the repeater. After getting home from work today and fixing supper, I loaded the truck with some tools/supplies and the kids and headed to the site. On the way down, reception of the repeater on the mobile was VERY poor, and the audio very VERY distorted.  As I got closer, I noticed I was hearing it fine on the HT, but still poor on the mobile.  About 2/3 of the way there I noticed an extra icon on the display of my new Alinco DR-235 that wasn’t there before. I finally remembered what it was…I somehow put the mobile into AM receive.  After some random button pressed, I manged to get the radio back into FM mode, and the repeater sounded great like it normally does. Since I was within 5 minutes of the site by then, I went ahead and stopped in to see how it was doing.

The output of the Uniden amplifier had dropped a little more, it is now down to ~50 watts output instead of the original 110+.  I need to find a source for some Polyfet F1004 and see about fixing it back up. Installed the rest of the intermod panel, and did some tests. Forward power after all the filtering is 35 watts, reflected at the feedline is less than 0.5 watts. Intermod panel is now complete, and includes a dual port isolator, followed by a low pass filter, band pass filter, then the 4 cavity pass/reject duplexers. I did a quick test for desense by transmitting a very weak signal over the air and disabling the transmitter, no noticeable difference in received signal.

All is well again!

New Radio

My trusty old ADI AR-247 mobile has seen better days. The display works when it feels like it, the internal speaker quite sometime ago, and now the external speaker jack is not working. It still works fine other than not being able to see the display, or listen the what is received (VERY minor details)!  It will be moved to link duties, and will replace the even older Kenwood TM-3530A that is now being used as the link radio for Echolink/Allstar. I just placed an order for a new Alinco DR-235 MKIII mobile to take it’s place.  Hopefully will be here before we leave for Nashville on the 14th so I can play some 220 on the way there!

Alinco's DR-235 MKIII Mobile
Alinco’s DR-235 MKIII Mobile